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Support Us

We invite you to join the CASC Community Support Team.

Whether you live in Portland or beyond, have lots of time to contribute or just a few moments to spare, we want you on our team!

This is a low commitment way of joining our community and supporting our work! If you are interested, email


With your permission, we will add you to our “Community Support Team” email list. As a CASC support team member, you will receive a bi-monthly email with behind the scenes CASC updates.

Included in this email, you will find an up-to-date list of CASC volunteer opportunities, and other requests for support such as fundraising assistance, in-kind donation requests, questions we are seeking community advice and guidance on, etc. We know we have connections to a dazzling community and we hope you will join us in this capacity.

You will have the opportunity to offer support if and when you have the time and desire to. There is no commitment level you must meet to join our support team!

Below is a list of some of volunteer/support opportunities. If you have ideas for how you can contribute which are not included here, please email us at


Event volunteer (Help with set up /clean up or donate food to one of our events)

Transportation volunteer (pick up and/or drop off those that need a ride to their procedures)

Lodging volunteer (offer a place to stay for someone traveling to portland for their abortion procedure)

Flyering (put up CASC flyers in your neighborhood/community)

Translations (currently, the only language we are able to provide support in is english. Soon, we hope to have members who can offer doula support in other languages. In the meantime, we would like to at least provide our pamphlets in other languages!)


In-Kind Donations:

Items for abortion aftercare kits (such as: menstrual products, teas, notebook, heating pads, candles, other comfort/care/wellness items)

Items that could be raffled off to raise funds (anything really! Talk to us if you have anything to donate or connections to local businesses or artists.)

Free printing connections or printing discounts

Doula skills (offer our doulas free or highly discounted trainings for doula related skills, all of our doulas offer free abortion support)

Event space donations/discounts


Fundraising/ Grant research or writing

We desperately need fundraising support. We would be thrilled if some of our community members would be willing to take on a piece of CASC fundraising effort. We will provide whatever materials and information we have in order to help you.


Additionally, if you are in a financial position to do so, please consider making a donation to support our work. Cascades Abortion Support Collective does not charge a fee for abortion support services. The collective makes a concerted effort to support all people in the Portland area who are interested in abortion doula services. If you are able to do so, please consider donating to the collective. By donating money, you make a direct impact on the one-on-one care a pregnant person receives during their abortion.