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Our Services

Our services are motivated by our collective belief that all people deserve safe, supportive, abortion care, no matter what. Cascades Abortion Support Collective does not charge a fee for abortion support services.


Who: You. We recognize that people have abortions during various stages of their lives and for many different reasons. The decision to end a pregnancy can be complex. Our goal is to tailor our support to fit individual needs. CASC wants you to feel supported before, during, and after your experience with abortion.


What: As abortion doulas, our collective members can offer a wide range of non-medical support including any of the following: emotional care, physical comfort, informational support, and transportation and other logistical support.

Emotional Care

One of our doulas can be with you during your procedure to help maintain a calm and comfortable environment while providing desired companionship, reassurance, and encouragement. We can be present to honor and support you through the spectrum of emotions that may come with this decision. We are also available to process feelings related to your own spirituality or religion with the goal of supporting and affirming your abortion decision.

Physical Comfort

Our doulas are trained in techniques for easing physical discomfort related to abortion. Based on your needs, physical support can consist of massage, acupressure, breathing techniques, or simply offering a hand to squeeze. We can offer practical suggestions for managing anxiety before your abortion, and increasing comfort and relief during and after.

Informational Support

Our doulas are available to answer your questions and share information and resources to help you explore your options for abortion care and post-abortion care; helping you understand what to expect before, during, and after an abortion. Our doulas can connect you to local and national resources to support your unique needs.

Transportation and other Logistics

Getting to and from the clinic can be difficult. CASC may be able to arrange transportation for individuals that need this support in order to attend their appointments. We can also help you find and navigate other options for logistical support such as housing, child care, and funding.


When: Before, during, and after your abortion. All situations are different. If desired, we can meet with you before your abortion, be present during, and check in with you several times afterwards to answer any questions, and provide resources.



In a clinic: We can attend your in-clinic procedure, or support you at home afterwards.

In a hospital: We can support you during your procedure in a hospital, including later abortions (past 20 weeks) or miscarriages.

At home: We can support you at home the day of your medication abortion.

Currently, we are only able to provide in-person support to those having abortion procedures in the Portland metro area (including Vancouver, WA). If you are having an abortion outside of the Portland area, call us to learn about the available resources and assistance we can offer you.


Why: Cascades Abortion Support Collective envisions a world that honors and values each person’s ability to make reproductive decisions most suitable to their personal needs and desires. As an abortion doula collective we hope to contribute to creating a society that is free of shame, guilt, and stigma associated with abortion and instead have a culture that trusts, supports, and empowers all people to make safe and healthy sexual and reproductive decisions for themselves.

Cascades Abortion Support Collective does not charge a fee for abortion support services. The collective makes a concerted effort to support all people in the Portland area who are interested in abortion doula services. If you are able to do so, please consider donating to the collective. By donating money, you make a direct impact on the one-on-one care a pregnant person receives during their abortion.