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Below we have provided resources on Pregnancy and Abortion Information, Options, and Counseling, and Abortion Funding. For more detailed information or tailored resources and referrals, please give us a call (503-610-0692) or email us (

Pregnancy and Abortion Information, Options, and Counseling

walkthrough_7The Pregnancy Panic Companion In the thick of a pregnancy scare? Freaking out? Not sure what to do? Check out this online guide by doula Heather Corinna on




backlineBackline  (1-888-493-0092) offers a free and confidential space to talk about pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Backline offers judgment-free support at any point before, during and after any pregnancy experience, no matter which options you are considering, what decisions you have already made, or how you are feeling about it all.




Faith ALoud logoFaith Aloud (314-531-5010) is an organization that promotes reproductive justice through religious and ethical communities.  They work hard to overcome the religious stigma of abortion and sexuality.  Faith Aloud offers free phone counseling by specially-trained clergy and religious counselors of many different faiths.  Please call 314-531-5010 for more information about this service.




Abortion Funding

nnaf-facebook-logo--white-bgNational Network of Abortion Funds NNAF can help people who need financial assistance to obtain an abortion by connecting you to abortion funds in your area, and providing information about using Medicaid or insurance.




nro logoNetwork for Reproductive Options (541-513-6607) If you live in Oregon or if you are coming to Oregon for an abortion and need help paying for your abortion, call the hotline and leave a message. Your call will be returned within 24-48 hours. The Network for Reproductive Options can also sometimes help with lodging and transportation.




naf-logoNational Abortion Federation (1-800-772-9100) offers unbiased information about abortion and financial assistance. The hotline is open from 4am-8pm PST, Mondays through Fridays, and 6am-6pm PST on weekends. If you call in the early morning or later at night, you have a better chance of getting through.