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Cascades Abortion Support Collective Mission:

Cascades Abortion Support Collective provides free, compassionate, support to anyone experiencing abortion in the greater Portland area. As abortion doulas we offer emotional, physical, spiritual, informational and logistical support based on the needs and desires of those involved.

Cascades Abortion Support Collective Vision:

Cascades Abortion Support Collective envisions a world that honors and values each person’s ability to make reproductive decisions most suitable to their personal needs and desires.
As an abortion doula collective we hope to contribute to creating a society that is free of shame, guilt, and stigma associated with abortion and instead have a culture that trusts, supports, and empowers all people to make safe and healthy sexual and reproductive decisions for themselves.

We see it as our role┬áto advocate for full spectrum doula support as the standard model in reproductive health care, organize against the many institutionalized barriers that determine people’s reproductive experiences, and compassionately engage with communities in the Portland area.

The goal of Cascades Abortion Support Collective to ensure ALL people achieve access to the care, support and information they need throughout their abortion process. Based on a reproductive justice framework, we also work to enhance the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences by offering quality community based referrals to those seeking parenting, adoption, and birth support.